More FUNdamentals of Drawing
Yoonsook West
Pencil and more
Cost: $120.00

Beginner - Advanced
Meets daily 9:00 AM–12:00 PM

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December 8–9, 2022

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Day 1. Landscape
Sketching and drawing are the languages of painting. Those thumbnail drawings define how much information you are going to communicate on your painting. The goal of this course is to establish value and composition in your drawing. We are going to use lines, shapes and values in exchange for the complex scenes or objects you want to capture. In this workshop we are going to pull out all the countless photos in your phone into value sketches. Let’s go back to the time and place and capture the details you wanted to remember!

Day 2. Figure Drawing with emphasis on a Gesture Drawing
Drawing figures can be learned by everyone. If you are afraid of drawing figures and would like to
overcome that fear, this workshop is for you. Also if you want more confidence and skill drawing
figures exquisitely, this workshop is for you as well. We are going to do lots of practice of gesture
drawing. (Based on the Loomis method of construction) The pure joy of creating something
overcomes fear and the most wonderful drawing just flows out when you are enjoying yourself.
You don’t have to impress everyone with your skills to make a good drawing. Knowing the
anatomy helps to understand the human body however, we are not going to get too caught up in
the technique but to focus on the basic forms and express moments. It’s really fun to draw
humans, especially when you can abstract the character with your own memory and experiences!

About Yoonsook West    
Yoonsook West is an idea focused design professional with experience across a broad range of entertainment venues—attractions, museums, brand environments and live entertainment.
Specializing in developing high level creative concepts, she is passionate and dedicated to telling a story with an impression of aesthetics and originality. Drawing has been the core foundation in her career and she taught Life Drawing courses at the University of California, Irvine.
Yoonsook West has a BFA in Scenic Design from University of California, Irvine, and a BA in Environmental/ Industrial Design from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

Instructor website: www.sooleedesigns.com/