Painting and Drawing Flowers Simply and Beautifully
RobertRegis Dvorak
Cost: $140.00

All Levels
Friday, October 14, 2022
9:00 AM–4:00 PM

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Fri, October 14, 2022
lunch break

16 spaces available.

Painting and drawing flowers can be learned by anyone.  This class is for you if you:
Would like to be able to draw and paint flowers in watercolor simply and beautifully.
Would like to learn easy techniques for making your flower drawings and paintings glow.
Want more confidence and skill drawing and painting flowers simply and beautifully.
Want to learn compositions for painting and drawing flowers simply and beautifully.

This one day hands on workshop will provide a sequence of easy exercises designed to give you skill and success drawing and painting flowers. The class will focus on the spontaneous representation of flowers rather than an attempt at careful realistic representation.  There will be a strong emphasis on the use of white space and composition. The workshop will also cover simple drawing techniques, color mixing and blending for light, shade and shadow, brush techniques, graded washes, lost and found edges and more. No matter how much previous instruction you have had, this workshop will have you drawing and painting flowers simply and beautifully in new ways.

About RobertRegis Dvorak    
Dvorak was a professor of architecture for seven years at the University of Oregon and two years at UC Berkeley where he taught design, problem solving, and communication skills including drawing, film -making, watercolor painting, and other media skills.

Robert Regis Dvorák, has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for 35 years. He has sketched and painted in 70 countries including all of Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, North Africa, the Middle East and India. He has exhibited and sold work in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and Indonesia. He has authored and illustrated: Travel Drawing and Painting, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation, Drawing Without Fear, The Magic of Drawing, Experiential Drawing, The Pocket Drawing Book and his latest book of drawings and verses, The Book About Nothing.

Instructor website: www.youcreate.com/youcreate/