Plein Aire Painting
Paula Vukmanic
any medium preferred
Cost: $45.00

Wednesday Afternoon
4:00–7:00 PM

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Wed, September 07, 2022

14 spaces available.

Summer and fall evenings are not shy about showing off vibrant colors that are rich and ready to be
appreciated. In this plein aire painting workshop we will step up to the challenge of representing
outdoor light and air on canvas or paper. Painting in nature requires quick and accurate responses to
the ever changing moods of land, sea, or sky. With all that is before us, we will understand the need for
a “viewfinder”. We will experience laying in a strong design of shapes and sizes, of color and values,
explore shadow temperatures which a photo does not reproduce, and anticipate where the light will travel.
Therefore we will capture some “end” colors in the beginning, compare and contrast similar colors, as in
varieties of greens in trees or blues in the ocean, look for sharp edges and where edges can disappear,
deal with wind or bugs, heat or cold, and enjoy the awesome display of creations majestic beauty!

We will gather for this workshop at Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, in front of the bathhouse restrooms. We
can paint the ocean, or palm trees, or the Mediterranean-style building or Pt. Fermin, etc.! We
need to capture a scene within two hours because of the movement of the sun! We will do one
painting within our three hour workshop time which includes setting up and working quickly. Paula will
begin our time together with describing basic principles of plein aire painting. Paula will bring some
studies and paintings and give guidance to launch your painting time! Paula will support participants
one on one during their painting time.

About Paula Vukmanic    
The Rev. Paula Vukmanic has recently retired as Rector of St Francis Episcopal Church in Palos Verdes Estates. Prior to her years in ministry, Paula was a professional artist exhibiting in galleries in California and Arizona, participating in plein aire events and competitions, giving retreats and workshops on the mandala and teaching plein aire classes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula hills and still life painting in her studio (at the PVAC too!). Paula is excited and is grateful to once again share her world of art and her spiritual perspectives on life with love!