Travel Sketch
Mike Ishikawa
Pen - See Materials List
Cost: $100.00

All Skill Levels
Saturday, March 4, 2023
9:00 AM–3:00 PM

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Sat, March 04, 2023

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This workshop will get you started sketching what you see, during your own travels, either sketching on location, or from your own photos that you take each day. Unlike my previous workshops, this workshop will concentrate on sketching quickly. If you can finish 4 sketches in an hour, think how much more confidence and practice you will gain, verses if you spend an hour on just one sketch.

We will be sketching on a 7 x 10 sketchbook using a Pentel Precise V7 rolling ink pen. . We will not draw a preliminary outline with a pencil. We will begin the workshop sketching simple objects and working up to more difficult architectural buildings. When traveling, architecture is a big part of the travel experience, Everyone sees a scene in a different way, and each of us will sketch in your own unique style. I like to break a scene or object into a series of shapes and not get wrapped up in the details. When you begin a sketch and outline the big shapes first and drawing in the light and dark areas, after that is accomplished, the details comes next.

I will bring several photographs that I have taken during my travels, you can use them for your own sketches, or if you have some favorite shots, I will be glad to give you my opinion about, if it will be a successful sketch.

I will begin the morning and afternoon, session with a demo sketch. I will make sure you are working quickly, using your pens efficiently. Plan on completing at least 2 sketches in an hour. I will be bringing several different styles of pens for purchase, I recently found a fantastic brush style pen where you can draw a thin or broad stroke using the same pen.

About Mike Ishikawa    
Mike is an award winning pastellist. Mike's approach is to start with an colorful underpainting as a springboard to a vibrant pastel. An architect by profession, Mike draws on that knowledge for lively urban scenes and nocturnes, but is equally at home creating beautiful landscapes.