Atmospheric Landscapes and Seascapes
Debbie Abshear
Mixed Media
Cost: $250.00

Meets daily 9:00 AM–4:00 PM

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February 23–24, 2023

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Have you ever wondered how to loosen up your watercolor paintings? In this class you will
learn to paint expressive, atmospheric watercolors that capture the feeling and mood of
landscapes and seascapes.

We will use a limited palette of watercolors, a palette knife, sea salt, Chinese and round
brushes on 100% cotton watercolor paper. We will add unique gestural marks to our paintings
using inks and a twig.

Painting watercolors this way will help you capture and create memories of place, time and
emotion. It will be a time of observing and embracing how the pigments and inks move in the
water on your watercolor paper to allow the work to evolve. Plan on creating multiple paintings
each day!

The class is designed for experienced as well as beginning painters. I will demonstrate the
technique and then you will paint. There is very little drawing required for this class. Basically,
all you will need is a horizon line! We will paint fast and have lots of fun creating work that you
will be amazed that you created!

About Debbie Abshear    
Debbie is an artist who uses watercolor, acrylics, inks and collage in her work. She has painted
Plein air for many years throughout California, Utah and Scotland and has a home studio where
you can find her almost every day if she is not outdoors painting.

Debbie uses various techniques in her work and loves to create textures with a palette knife,
inks, salt, and plastic wrap. She enjoys creating atmospheric, expressive art that captures the
essence and her own interpretation of the subject.

She has studied under many fine artists and taught weekly watercolor classes to adults and
delivered numerous workshops and demonstrations to art societies in Southern California.
Debbie taught multiple watercolor classes on zoom during the pandemic to 70+ students.
Debbie holds Signature Membership in the Watercolor West Art Society. She was a Governing
Board Member of the National Watercolor Society for seven years serving as their Board
Secretary and Building Chair.

Debbie has exhibited her work at the Santa Paula Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art,
U.S. Embassy of India, Fallbrook Art Center-Signature Member Show, National Watercolor
Society and many other local venues in Southern California.