Stirring up your creativity: a Winter Wonderland Workout with Pears!
Paula Vukmanic
Various - see supply list
Cost: $50.00

All Skill Levels
Friday, December 2, 2022
9:00 AM–12:00 PM

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Fri, December 02, 2022

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Speaking of a “Partridge in a Pear Tree”, this season offers a variety of pears in markets. A pear is a perfect fruit and model to study how light falls on an object and noticing the angles and values created. Our workshop will help us explore the best angles for you to artistically design the placement of a pear within your picture plane. This exercise will remind you of basic design considerations for well-balanced, dynamic landscapes or still life paintings. With contour drawing, pen and ink studies, small color sketches analyzing the warm and cool colors created by a light aimed at your pears, we will stir up our imagination and fire up our creativity with an artistic work out! We will start out with a page of “small thumbnail” sketches to push angles and viewpoints for observing a pear then move into a variety of media and approaches ending with one final, spectacular image!
Bring all the supplies you want to work with especially pencils and paper or a notebook, marking pens, pastels or paints, etc. There will be a variety of supplies available too.
Bring a pear or two but know that pears will be spread out and waiting for you to stir up your creativity in this fun winter wonderland workout adventure!

About Paula Vukmanic    
The Rev. Paula Vukmanic has recently retired as Rector of St Francis Episcopal Church in Palos Verdes Estates. Prior to her years in ministry, Paula was a professional artist exhibiting in galleries in California and Arizona, participating in plein aire events and competitions, giving retreats and workshops on the mandala and teaching plein aire classes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula hills and still life painting in her studio (at the PVAC too!). Paula is excited and is grateful to once again share her world of art and her spiritual perspectives on life with love!