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Do it Again, and Again- in Pastels
Mike Ishikawa
Cost: $85.00

Meets daily 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Sat, November 03, 2018

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I will provide photos of landscapes, and participants will choose one. They will start with a 6x9, and have 1 hr to complete, then they will do a 8x10 or 12, and have 2 hr to complete. In the afternoon they can do a 12x16 12x18 and have 3 hours to complete. The idea is to work out the problems in the first drawing, improve upon them on the second, and have a final painting that is better than the first two. So many painters keep jumping from one subject to another, to get better one has to practice and more practice. Athletes do no jump from one event to another, they practice their specialty over and over again. That how one gets better. They can select 8 colors for the first painting, the second painting they can select 12 colors. And the final one they can use their whole box. I will provide photos of simple views that have good values, nice composition and color, that can be accomplished by everyone.

About Mike Ishikawa    
Mike is an award winning pastellist. Mike's approach is to start with an colorful underpainting as a springboard to a vibrant pastel. An architect by profession, Mike draws on that knowledge for lively urban scenes and nocturnes, but is equally at home creating beautiful landscapes.