Mini Desert Planter Craft
Koki Hall
Craft Supplies Provided
Cost: $48.00

Female Friends Over 50 - All skill levels
Saturday, September 24, 2022
11:00 AM–3:00 PM

+ Download Materials List
Sat, September 24, 2022

6 spaces available.

Create a self-sustaining beautiful living paradise in a glass wine bottle planter. Join crafter Koki Hall to design a miniature garden with succulents, forest moss and river rocks. No need to shop for tools or supplies for this micro eco system, as all materials will be supplied at the event. The fee is to reimburse Koki for the supplies. Celebrate the peace and beauty of our wild desert gardens by creating an easy and super fun craft - the mini desert garden. This is a collaborative adventure with Female Friends Past 50, so you must fit that criteria to register. We meet as strangers and leave with a sense of connection that comes from sharing art together.

About Koki Hall    
Koki Hall was born in Los Angeles into the home of a world-class quilter and seamstress. She spent the first year of her life falling asleep to the rhythmic humming sounds of a sewing machine. From an early age, she was introduced to the world of arts and crafts by her mother and grandmother. She was a surrounded by a kaleidoscope of textiles, beautiful lace handkerchiefs, found objects and antiques. Crafting has since held a deep connection to her mother: a place, a moment in time, a channel for knowledge, imagination, and passion. All her events are designed to inspire harmonious dialogue and experience joy in order to create a special memory for you or a loved one. The voice of crafting lies within the community and the laughter shared at these events. Koki encourages you to take a seat at the table and be a part of a crafting community that will make your heart smile.