Art for Everyone - Pouring Paint!
Dianne Joffino
Acrylic Paint
Cost: $10.00

Non-Artists Welcome!
Thursday, August 1, 2024
9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Thu, August 01, 2024
Lunch is Included!

Workshop full. Registering waitlist.

Come try Tips and Tricks of acrylic paint pouring on canvas! We will go over mixing paints, how marbling cells are created, using string pulls, and using leftover wall paint so your picture goes with your room! This will be fun to see what happens when you pour paint!
Wear appropriate clothes in case paint gets on them.
Lunch and good conversation will follow the art project.

About Dianne Joffino    
Spending most of my professional career teaching adults everything from computer programming skills to advanced engineering concepts, it was an easy transition after I retired to teach my favorite studies of arts and crafts. While I have spent most of my time teaching adults, I also teach kids and marvel at the way they creatively think and learn.
I was described as having a good crossover from right-brain to left-brain being both technical and creative. I will get out the ruler occasionally and I tend to be drawn to the 3D side of art where I can get out my hammer and woodcarving tools. I started into the 2D arts of oils when another mom talked me into an adult education class. I haven’t stopped taking various classes since that day 30 years ago. I am currently involved with the South Bay Experimental Artists (both groups 1 & 2), and the El Camino Woodturner’s Guild but have worked in watercolors, acrylics, glass, mosaics, pastels, mixed media, and clay.