Composition and Painting from a Photograph
Sean Barrett
Cost: $140.00

All Skill Levels
Meets weekly 9:30–12:30 AM

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June 5–26, 2024

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Composition and painting from photograph
• Students will learn the basics of watercolor and gain insights into this beautiful medium.
• Students will be encouraged to go at their own pace, be creative and have fun.
• Although it's primarily a beginners class, all levels of watercolorists are encouraged to join due to the fact that the instructor will provide
instruction based on each participants needs.

Week 1
• Basics of watercolor
• Why use watercolor?
• Materials (Paper, brushes, etc.)
• Washes (wet into wet, gradient, etc)
• Value (1-10 value system)
• Color theory
• Primary, secondary, tertiary
• Color Grid (draw 2x2 grid and paint all nine tertiary colors along with their complimentary colors and the mixing of the two)
• Composition and why its important
Week 2
• Begin working on student chosen photograph (Instructor will help students chose and compose their own photograph for painting)
• Transferring photo to paper
• Begin painting
Week 3
• Continue working on project
Week 4
• Finish project

About Sean Barrett    
Sean Barrett is an award winning Southern California based watercolorist. His work has earned him signature status in prestigious watercolor societies, such as the National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and Watercolor West. Furthermore, his watercolors have been published in books and magazines, such as Watercolor Artist Magazine.

He challenges himself to paint a story within each painting. By doing this, he is able to communicate emotion to the viewer, which is one of his greatest goals in painting. An overarching theme amongst his paintings is hope, which inspires him to find the beauty in any subject matter, no matter how decayed or broken it may be.

Instructor website: www.sbwatercolors.com/