Let’s Tackle Textures! 2-Day Pastel Workshop
Otto Sturcke
Cost: $265.00

All Levels
Meets daily 9:00 AM–4:00 PM

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April 5–6, 2024
Includes a lunch break

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In this application based workshop we will tackle textures! We will venture into creating various smaller works, no larger than 8x10 to get an overview of different textures: we’ll be painting smooth, dull, transparent, grainy, and even some metallic surfaces. My personal goal with this workshop is to provide logical, step-by-step information that is intended to enable you to paint a representational work of art that you are proud of. This workshop requests that students work on their pieces prior to the workshop based off of the instructions and photo reference emailed to them weeks in advance. It is not mandatory to do so. This workshop is great for all levels of artists!

About Otto Sturcke    
As a representational artist who is greatly influenced by the Dutch Masters, I long to impart sincerity, contemplation, and an admiration for the classical in a contemporary world by depicting the personal, the emotional, and the quiet elegance in my paintings through light, shadow, and texture. Creating an intriguing balance between light and dark is what I seek most in my work.

Instructor website: www.sturckestudio.com/#/page/home/