Creative Conversation: Writing for Well-Being
Ellen Bell
Notebooks & Pens provided
Cost: $10.00

All are Welcome!
Sunday Afternoon
3:00–5:00 PM

Sun, July 28, 2024

22 spaces available.

Writing is an act that has the power to transform a person’s perspective, mood and way of thinking and being in the world. “It’s an art and an important form of expression — I do believe it’s therapeutic,” says author Ellen Bell.
Join Ellen for a Creative Conversation designed to help you cultivate a mindful awareness of your thoughts and feelings and, where possible, make adjustments to increase your positivity level through journaling. After a discussion of the process, Ellen will provide a prompt designed to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Participants are then invited to wander in the studios and gallery, paying attention to artworks that catch their eye or trigger good feelings or fond memories. After expanding upon those thoughts and feelings in their journal, small discussion groups will reconvene and share, if they want, what they experienced.
Refreshments, wine, and coffee are offered. The donation covers the cost of the event.

About Ellen Bell    
Ellen Bell is a lifelong writer. Her style and subject matter have shifted over time, from short stories and poems penned in her youth to newspaper articles and historical essays. Ellen says, “Writing has always been a constant thread in my life.” As a freelance writer, she has provided content for local papers and magazines.
Ellen Bell recently completed a two-year training as a meditation guide with author Megan Hayes, author of “Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journaling.”
Ellen has conducted several sessions of “Writing Wednesdays: Positive Journaling in Sherman Gardens” in Newport Beach and now she brings her Positive Journaling to Destination: Art in Torrance.